Creating a legacy of safer roads for generations to come.


Elovate aims to transform the landscape of traffic management and safety.

Elovate is committed to fostering safer communities through the implementation of innovative, data-driven automated traffic enforcement solutions.

We envision a world free of traffic-related fatalities, and our aim is to equip you with the tools to bring this vision to life.

Our solutions enhance community safety through automated photo enforcement, sophisticated analytics, and efficient processing of violations.

These solutions are designed not just to penalize but to prevent dangerous driving behaviors before they lead to incidents, helping to save lives and improve the overall quality of community living spaces.

Together, we can create a legacy of safer roads for future generations.


First speed implementation deployed in Portland


Winnipeg, Canada is first to deploy Intersection Safety Devices


First statewide automated speed program in North America launched in Illinois


Montgomery County DOT becomes a long-time customer with its Automated Traffic Enforcement program


Suffolk County launches Red Light program


Industry transitions from film to digital technology


Awarded red light program in Chicago.


Elovate becomes Delware DOT’s turnkey electronic red light safety provider, and Maryland DOT State Highway Administration, a customer since 2009, deploys Workzone Safety initiative.


Memphis becomes a customer.


First CW5 implementation in Manassas.


Baltimore City Department of Transportation, customer since 2017, extends its Red Light Program


Implementation of a speed and red-light camera program to improve traffic safety on the island nation of Cyprus.

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