Elevating community safety.

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Photo Enforcement

Enhancing community safety through innovative solutions like real-time traffic management, efficient video surveillance analytics, and stringent photo enforcement regulations, our approach ensures the smooth functioning of roadways and secure residential neighborhoods, making our communities safer for everyone.

  • DriveSafe Enforcement System for violation management
  • SureView Detection System for rule enforcement in special lanes
  • Business Intelligence for data-driven safety measures

Violations Processing

Never question a citation again. CiteWeb® manages violations efficiently, maintains a chain of custody, and provides a complete audit trail for every citation.

Streamline the entire violation lifecycle, enhance agency automation and transparency, while simplifying the process for drivers to resolve citations.

Advanced Analytics

Boost public safety efficiency with data-driven insights. Our automated system tracks trends, identifies high-need areas, and streamlines enforcement for a smarter approach.

No data silo left behind. Unlock the power of your data, regardless of source. Analyze everything, visualize it clearly, and gain actionable insights to optimize operations and enhance public safety.

Proven results

Data-driven insights to curb bad driving behavior, manage traffic congestion, and reduce fatalities and injuries.

of U.S. state and local automated enforcement program implementations

fewer deaths in cities with red-light cameras

U.S. lives could be saved annually by adding speed cameras on local roads

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