Elovate, a Modaxo Company, announced its selection by Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to provide technologies and services to support the state’s safety initiatives to reduce speeding violations and promote traffic safety.  The program will use state-of-the-art technology and a turn-key solution to implement a comprehensive work zone speed enforcement experience.

In 2023, work zone crash data showed that 33 people were killed and more than 1,750 were injured in INDOT work zones. Nationally, four out of five people killed in work zones are drivers and passengers – not highway workers. Officials in Indiana seek to change the dangerous behavior that leads to these statistics.

Speed enforcement programs have been proven to reduce speeds and traffic incidents. A study by University of Illinois Chicago found reductions in fatal incidents decreased by ~15% while non-fatal incidents decreased by ~12%; the Cochrane Collaboration summarized a review of 28 studies and found reductions of 9%-35% for all crashes, and reduction of 17%-58% for crashes involving fatalities and serious injuries.

INDOT emphasizes work zone safety at every stage of our projects – beginning with scoping, continuing with design, and throughout construction operations.  While our efforts have focused on making zones safer for both workers and the traveling public, our partnership with Elovate (Modaxo) to deliver the Worksite Speed Control Pilot Program is a game-changer because it directly affects the behavior of motorists.

-John D. McGregor, Traffic Operations Director, INDOT Traffic Management Division

Elovate has significant work zone speed enforcement experience, as they are the vendor of choice for some of the longest running programs in North America such as the Maryland Department of Transportation (DOT) & State Highway Administration and Illinois Department of Transportation work zone speed enforcement programs. Elovate also completed a highly successful work zone speed pilot in Delaware which led to reductions in speed of approximately 12% as well as a reduction in crashes by 50%. Leveraging the same technologies that helped reduce excessive speeding in the Maryland DOT State Highway Administration program by 90% – a statistic that Elovate continues to assist to maintain – Elovate is committed to partnering with INDOT to achieve their safety initiatives.

About Elovate
Elovate aims to transform the landscape of traffic management and safety and is committed to fostering safer communities through the implementation of innovative, data-driven automated traffic enforcement solutions. We envision a world free of traffic-related fatalities, and our aim is to equip you with the tools to bring this vision to life. Our solutions enhance community safety through automated photo enforcement, sophisticated analytics, and efficient processing of violations. These solutions are designed not just to penalize but to prevent dangerous driving behaviors before they lead to incidents, helping to save lives and improve the overall quality of community living spaces.

Together, we can create a legacy of safer roads for future generations.

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